Anonymizing with Whonix

Anonymizing yourself with Whonix~!

Anonymizing with Whonix

Here's my shot at anonymizing my online presence with the help of whonix! Thought I'd document the steps as I'm setting it up in my environment πŸ˜‡

Whonix protects user anonymity by routing internet connections through Tor’s network of volunteer-run servers while deploying advanced security mechanisms. The Linux-based OS, which runs on top of existing systems via virtual machines, can be installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

If I see 12, I'm doin 12!


  • Windows host
  • Virtual Box
  • Internet Connection

Getting Whonix


The first step would be to get whonix downloaded and imported into virtual box from here.


Adapter Settings:

Ensure that Adapter 1 is set to NAT or Bridges and Adapter 2 is set to Internal Network [Whonix]


There isn't a whole bunch to do in this section thankfully!


Agree to all the EULAs and select ready to connect to TOR. Then hit yes!

And that should be it....

IP address

on whonix gateway

Now configuring a workstation to point to this "router" should enable tor networking for all online activities!

on workstation (this could be any workstation of yours)

IP = 10.152.152.X
Netmask =
DNS = ("router")

Now we're all set!


I'm definitely not switching ISPs before querying my IP every time.

And I'm also definitely not from Finland! So that's a success πŸ˜‡! We are officially anonymous on the net...almost atleast. Once again, only for educational purposes! :)